Axe Unleashes ‘Anarchy’ on the Comics World

Soft-core fantasy adventure is storyboarded by you!

Axe is creating a graphic novel (aka, a comic book) called Anarchy that's about two experimental fragrances that are unleashed on the world. It will feature hot chicks with gravity-defying anatomy and a plot created by you, the Axe fan. That's right, you get to pick the Anarchy girls, the location for the action, and suggest plot points and developments for the comic, issue by issue. It's the first crowdsourced soft-porn fantasy adventure in comic format! The comics industry is an excellent fit for Axe. It's one of the few places where the objectification of women rivals that of the brand's commercials. And getting to blame the readers for the comic's nonsensical, masturbatory plot is so brilliant that the comics industry needs to copy this campaign. Of course, it's possible the fans might actually come up with something good. Possible, but unlikely. The first issue hits Jan. 10. Check out the live-action teaser trailer where a hot policewoman strips down while running after a perp. Best part? When she tosses her gun holster in the pursuit. Why bother with guns when you've got Axe?

@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.