Axe Suddenly Very Interested in Centuries-Old Beaver

History lessons and more from CP+B

Axe Canada is all about being educational. The brand has been posting comical videos (more than 30 so far) to its YouTube page to keep young guys laughing in between TV campaigns. They've broken the videos into series. "Boring, Serious Stuff That's Suddenly Strangely Fascinating" offers educational lessons, full of innuendo, about things like obscure beaver wars and grammatical usage. "Modern Day Phenomena Explained By Old People" shows elderly people who are totally up on cutting-edge stuff like vampires and social media. And "Shakespearean Sexts" features Shakespearean actors doing impassioned line readings of vulgar sexts. It's all extremely juvenile, and probably goes over great with the target market. Crispin Porter + Boguksy did the videos; Harbinger and Mindshare also contributed content. See more videos after the jump, and check out the Axe Channel website here.