The Axe Effect’s been around for a while

Mistletoe This ad, from the December 1969 issue of Playboy, begins, “Let’s face it. Mistletoe might make a nice shrub and all, but a 100-proof ladykiller it’s not.” How right they are. A better way to kill off the ladies, if that’s your intent, might be to swing a giant bottle of Hai Karate aftershave at them. These girls look like they just came from an orgy at George Romero’s house, so actually, that might be the only way for this gentleman to free himself from their ravenous, giggling clutches. Seeing how current Axe ads appear to be inspired by stuff like this, maybe the Axe name is more sinister than I first thought, too. [Image from Flickr user I Am a Friend of the Squirrels.]

—Posted by David Kiefaber