Axe deodorant takes its show on the road

So the advertising column in The New York Times this morning was all about a new ad opportunity being offered by Sony on its PlayStation Portable (PSP). The gambit is that people—well, actually young males is pretty much all this crowd cares about—can download short PSP-ready films at, and advertisers can support them “by paying for quick commercials before or after the downloads, or by providing content in the form of branded entertainment.” But what interested us most is the campaign from the effort’s purported first advertiser, Unilever’s Axe deodorant (well, it seems first advertiser other than Sony, which is running short films on Heavy to the tune of Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out”). Axe is paying two guys, Evan and Gareth—yes, Gareth not Garth—to cruise around the country like “seduction crash test dummies” and pick up women. Per usual, we’re not the target audience, but thought you might want to check out their escapades. Frankly, the quickest route to doing that is to go directly to where we encountered the duo trying to pick up a young Sophia Loren lookalike in a swamp.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor