‘The Atlantic’ turns the page with new ads

In the face of falling magazine sales across the board, The Atlantic (formerly known as The Atlantic Monthly) is boosting its ad budget and trying to reach a new, younger audience. With the help of Euro RSCG, it’s launched a campaign under the magnificent tagline: "Think. Again." And there’s a brand-spanking-new print redesign by Pentagram to go along with it. The ad campaign is centered around questions that range, like the magazine’s broad choice of topics, from the serious ("Which religion will win?") to the trivial ("Is the doughnut doomed?"). The agency is posting the questions in odd locations out in the world, like on restaurant menu boards, store shelves and shampoo bottles. They also appear as giant neon signs in videos that ask people on the street for their answers. Everything’s gathered together on the "Think. Again" microsite, which also presents articles from the magazine on each topic. The site’s sound design seems to have been created by a 6-year-old playing the xylophone near a wind chime, but the videos do draw you in. Some of the articles, strangely, are over a decade old. Maybe they think that’s retro cool. Think again.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers

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