Assemble Your Own Artistic Masterpiece With Ikea’s New Adult Coloring Book

Meditate over meatballs

If you like assembling Ikea furniture, you'll love coloring in Ikea coloring books.

Ikea just released an adult coloring book sure to appeal to the fast-growing segment of adults who believe coloring is a great alternative to meditation. It makes a lot of sense, given the do-it-yourself ethos of the brand and the fact that Ikea already sells coloring fabric for kids to color themselves. 

It's also a smart, simple way to capitalize on a new fad. Fun fact: Adult coloring books were some of Amazon's top sellers over the holiday season. Most include either adult subjects, adult level complexity, or mandalas for meditation, but there's only one that includes Ikea products arranged in pleasing mandala-like patterns. 

It's perfect for doing with your spouse prior to venturing into the endless, neurosis-inducing maze that is Ikea. Print yours today and be on your way to meditative zen. Or get creative, do some coloring book corruptions, and send in your insane mods to #ColorWithIkea. (Though it seems the vast majority of people using the hashtag are mostly reporting it exists, not actually printing it out and using it.)