Aspiring Audi Owners Are Insufferable Snobs in Obnoxious New Ad

'Luxury Car Abstinence' bashes BMW, Mercedes and more

Audi has earned a lot of different descriptions over the years, but "tacky" wasn't one of them. Until now.

The automaker's new promotional video, "Luxury Car Abstinence," is meant to be a jovial bit of double entendre that positions the new Audi A3 as the ultimate first-time luxury car for young professionals. But instead, what we get is a mean-spirited and overly long clip in which aspiring Audi owners stop just short of rubbing feces on their loved ones' high-end rides.

While the concept probably had potential, the execution is simply grating. We see young people describing a BMW as a "drive of shame," ditching a ride from mom in favor of a cab and quitting jobs because the free company car is a lowly Mercedes. It's not endearing. It's entitled prickery.

One Jalopnik contributor says the ad highlights Audi's "bigger balls," but based on most of the comments on YouTube and his own post, it's clear that, however large the automaker's gonads, most viewers just end up wanting to kick Audi in the crotch.