Aspiring Actress Spends $1,500 on Billboard Plea to Tyler Perry

Racquel Bailey dreams big

Racquel Bailey is ready for her close-up, and she wants Tyler Perry to give her a big break in showbiz. Bailey, a 23-year old aspiring actress from New Jersey, spent $1,500 ("It's all that I have," she says) to paste her face, URL and the message "Let me be your next leading lady" on a billboard near Perry's Atlanta film studio. Of course, Perry's usually his own leading lady, but that Madea act is getting to be a drag. (Ha, wordplay!) Online commenters have generally cheered Bailey's moxie, though the skills on display in her performance reel garnered mixed reviews. Luckily, she wants to be in a Tyler Perry movie, where acting chops are strictly optional. All jokes aside, it's worth noting that the media coverage of Bailey's billboard is generating more visibility for the actress than appearances in dozens of off-Broadway plays and no-budget indie films ever could. Bailey's probably in her 14th minute of fame. Still, she gets an enthusiastic thumbs up for showing initiative and having the guts to give herself a starring role.