Ashley Madison Hits a New Low in Ads Ridiculing Fat People

'Did you wife SCARE you last night?' asks one

Vile, sexist ads from Ashley Madison? What is the world coming to?! The dating website that caters to married people has doubled up on stupidity with two ads clearly designed to offend and generate maximum coverage. The first shows a large woman in a sexy pose and asks, "Did your wife SCARE you last night?" ("Scare" is rendered in horror-film red caps and resembles dripping blood, naturally.) The follow-up ad proclaims, "We call it as we see it," with a red X beside the shot of the plus-size model and a green check mark next to a pic of a slender hottie. I bet the former's old man pushed a certain brand of Indian weight-loss tablets on the missus. ("Hubby is coming back … I must look fit and pretty!") Perhaps Ashley Madison doctored the photos to enhance the thin woman's assets and exaggerate the larger woman's curves. Nah, that would be cheating. Full image of the second ad after the jump.

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