Ashley Judd shoots Sarah Palin from the air

Voters wisely kept Sarah Palin out of the White House, or wherever it is the vice president works. But Alaska's wacky gun-toting governor is still grabbing headlines. Now, she's in a catfight with Ashley Judd (I wish), who chides John McCain's former running mate in this Defenders of Wildlife video for supporting the aerial killing of wolves from helicopters. "It's time to stop Sarah Palin and stop this senseless savagery," the actress says. Palin has countered that the practice helps keep local wildlife populations under control. I'm thinking it's also probably good to shoot from the air because wolves can't fly. Yet. And if they ever learn how, we'll really have something to worry about. Bottom line: Palin and Judd are both hot, but neither should be trusted with firearms.

—Posted by David Gianatasio