Arnold Staff Getting All Woozy Over Beer Vending Machine

Say hello to 'Arnie' on Twitter

This just in from Arnold in Boston: Ad agency employees like to drink beer, and sometimes imbibe in the office during work hours. Well … Stop. The. Presses. Some staffers took advantage of a $100,000 internal initiative called The Make Project to design a key-fob-activated beer vending machine stocked with agency-branded brews. The machine, called Arnie, is on Twitter too, ensuring suds-soaked hyper-social time wasting for all. ("I am a robotic vending machine living on the 17th floor of Arnold Worldwide. My mother was a toaster.") Could there be a better way to spend 100 G's (or whatever percentage thereof provided for the beer machine's creation?). Lemme think a sec … um … nope! No better way whatsoever. Staffers are pleased. And I'm sure clients and prospects will be relieved to learn that agency teams are sloshing around like frat rats. From the official release: "Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about … the innovations coming to life from the internally funded program. If interested, I would be happy to coordinate a call with an Arnold executive at your convenience." I wouldn't dream of interrupting the brass while they innovate during Happy Hour. Though they should take care getting home. The shop best known for its Volkswagen campaigns of yore might might want to tweak that old client's tagline and get the word out: Designated drivers wanted. More images of Arnie after the jump.

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