Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Undercover at Gold’s Gym in Amusing Charity Video

He's getting used to disguises

Given the rough few years he's had lately, it's not surprising Arnold Schwarzenegger might want to be someone else for a while. He's making a habit of it, anyway.

The Governator, who looked hilarious in a Bjorn Borg getup for Bud Light's Super Bowl teaser, dons another disguise in a different video, going undercover as an employee at Gold's Gym in Venice, Calif., to draw attention to his After-School All-Stars program.

Schwarzenegger famously worked out at the same Gold's Gym in his bodybuilding glory days of the '70s. In the new video, Arnold, aka "Howard," is comically awkward as he strolls around the gym, bothering the patrons, many of whom clearly do a double-take.

It's pretty funny stuff, and has gotten well over a million views in its first day on YouTube. It seems a little odd that there's no big reveal at the end, à la Jeff Gordon's Pepsi MAX spot, where Schwarzenegger could take off the disguise and delight everybody. Instead, it just ends. On the upside, Gold's might have a new tagline thanks to Arnold's ad-libbing.

Say it with me, in Arnold-speak: "This is Gold's Gym. It's not a baby gym."

Hat tip to @arrrzzz.