Are pro wrestlers a menace to society?

Sometimes I don’t understand Reuters. The headline for an article about Russian sumo wrestler Roho’s temper tantrum after a match in Nagoya, Japan, implied that Roho’s behavior was more in line with “American TV wrestling.” I’m going to assume they meant pro wrestling, even though pro wrestling is well known in Japan. But even then, it doesn’t make much sense. WWE’s Vince McMahon takes great care to market his wrestlers as nice guys outside the ring, even going so far as to enforce a dress code. And besides, pro wrestling is fake, no? So I have no clue why Alastair Himmer (or his editor) went with that headline. Unless Roho’s antics made him think of this. Or this. Or maybe this. On second thought, let’s drop the whole thing.

—Posted by David Kiefaber