Are hub-cap ads the wheel deal?

For advertisers looking to take the “spin” out of their messaging, may we direct your attention to the hub caps of 150 taxis in Texas. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, those cabs are bearing hub caps advertising the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA. And the ads don’t spin. Discs mounted on hubs weighted with pendulums remain locked and steady, even at high speeds, according to AdFleet, the Santa Monica, Calif., company that designed the devices. AdFleet launched its cab caps first in Southern California for clients such as Taco Bell, Los Angeles Dodgers, Virgin Cola, Jiffy Lube and Now they’re eyeing cities like Houston, Washington, D.C., Boston, Atlanta and Miami. Says Virgin Cola COO Ranjit Singh, “AdFleet’s eye-catching wheel covers are unique and bring great sizzle to the promotional and brandbuilding activities of Virgin Cola.” Mmm, sizzle.