Arby’s Loves Making Nerdy Art From Its Boxes, and This 7-Foot Statue Is Its Beefiest Ever

Made from 500 boxes, it took 1,000 hours to construct

The statue of Nightmare, a character from the Soulcalibur video game series, used 1,700 square feet of cardboard. Arby's
Headshot of David Griner

Arby’s has built a strong reputation among some of the nerdier niches of the internet thanks to its meticulously well crafted pieces of art, made entirely from packaging and food, that anchor both the chain’s Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Recently, the brand decided to push itself to new heights—7 feet and 8 inches, to be exact.

At Anime Expo in Los Angeles earlier this month, Arby’s and agency Moxie partnered with Volpin Props to create a life-size replica of Nightmare, a long-running character in the Soulcalibur video game series. The final creation was displayed at the expo by Arby’s and Bandai Namco, creator of the upcoming Soulcalibur 6.

The creation required the use of 500 boxes, totaling 1,700 square feet of cardboard.

Fans were invited to help finish the creation by adding strips of foil to form the character’s cape over the course of the festival.

Check out this video of how the towering piece was created, followed by a few photographs of the finished product:




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@griner David Griner is creative and innovation editor at Adweek and host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."