Apple's iPhone TV Ads: The Complete Campaign

All 89 TBWA spots so far, beginning with the first teaser

Apple's "Get a Mac" campaign for the Macintosh computer, starring Justin Long and John Hodgman, set the bar for creativity in tech advertising. Created by TBWAMedia Arts Lab, it was simply the best TV ad campaign of the last decade, and the best advertising comedy series ever. But in its wake, client and agency have quietly built up a remarkable campaign for the iPhone, now the company's signature product. Without much fanfare, the iPhone campaign has surpassed its predecessor in terms of volume of work—"Get a Mac" lasted for 66 spots over four years (watch them all here), wrapping up its run in October 2009; the iPhone campaign is now entering its sixth year, and is up to 84 spots and counting. [Note: We are updating this feature as more iPhone ads are released. The count is now 89.] "Get a Mac" was beloved for its characters and wry humor. And while the iPhone work may lack that same level of charm—it is, at its heart, merely a series of product demonstrations—it is just as exquisitely produced and in many ways more varied. It's hard to think of a product that's had a greater impact on the culture in the past five years than the iPhone. Thanks to TBWA, it's gotten remarkable advertising to match. At the link below, check out all the spots that have aired so far, beginning with the first teaser up through today.