Apple Watch Defies Gravity in Latest Sky-High ‘Air Dancing’ Spot From Director Jonathan Glazer

Starring indoor skydiving champion Inka Tiitto

Yes, you can take that call—but do you even want to? Apple
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Apple has chosen to dive headfirst into the health sector.

The company’s latest U.K. campaign makes its broadcast debut on tonight’s Brit Awards, following a quarter that proved very disappointing for investors due to a marked drop in sales of its signature iPhone.

At the same time, Apple announced all-time revenue records for wearables. The ad focuses on the Apple Watch, strongly indicating that this is where the company sees its own future.

The short stars Inka Tiitto, a world champion indoor skydiver and “air dancer” whose simple city run takes a turn toward the dramatic and windy—all tracked, of course, by her Apple Watch Series 4.

She could have taken that call, thanks to the watch’s newly upgraded cellular connectivity, but she didn’t, which seems to be the point.

In fact, that freedom she experienced in the open air may be equivalent to that of users astonished by the watch’s new cellular service—or so we’re told.

This exhilarating film was helmed by Jonathan Glazer, seasoned director behind ads for Levi’s, Nike and Stella Artois in addition to music videos by artists like Blur, Massive Attack and Radiohead. Glazer has recently made a series of acclaimed feature films, such as Birth and Under the Skin, but he is best-known in the ad industry for “The Surfer,” a classic 1999 Guinness campaign by AMV BBDO London.

Glazer and Tiitto worked together to choreograph the seemingly spontaneous mid-air pirouette, powered by a healthy and believable dose of CGI.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.