AOL reunites the big viral heroes of 2007

Viralstars What would our year have been without Miss Teen South Carolina? A darker place, friends. AOL is trying to glom onto a few of the year’s most memorable viral video stars with a send-up to promote its news site. The minute-long spot, which is on YouTube and Metacafe, shows a scene playing out as a trio of viral stars meet up in a deli: the “Don’t tase me, bro” guy, the “Leave Britney alone” emo kid, and of course, the geographically and verbally challenged (though lovely) Miss Teen South Carolina. The video is OK, although it’s odd: All those videos took off on YouTube, not AOL. The spots encourage people to “catch up with your favorite flashes in the pan” at AOL News. Are people still keeping tabs on the tased dude? AKQA did the work.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey