Another Subway Ad Blows a Woman’s Hair Around as Trains Arrive, but There’s a Twist

Worthy follow-up to a hit idea

A Swedish subway ad got a lot of attention earlier this year by showing a woman's hair blowing beautifully in the wind whenever a train arrived. And now it has inspired another attention-grabbing display.

Since there's not much to it beyond the reveal of this new digital ad, also from Sweden, I'll spare you any spoilers. Credits for the pro-bono project from agency Garbergs are below the video.

Via Ads of the World.


Agency: Garbergs, Stockholm, Sweden

Creative Director: Petter Ödéen

Art Director: Sebastian Smedberg

Copywriter: Sedir Ajeenah

Photographer: Daniel Griffel

Account Manager: Ida Tenggren

Digital Director: Micke Ring

Producer: Karolina Smedberg

Production company: Adamsky

Post/grading/sound: The Line