Another book deal waiting to be canceled

Now that O.J.’s in trouble with the law again, this time allegedly involved in a sports-memorabilia heist, it’s just a matter of time before he offers up a second tell-all book and TV special: If I Did It 2: The Vegas Caper. The abridged plot: “If I did it, I might have done it with a bunch of my friends and some guns.” But why would he even bother? A quick perusal of eBay shows that even his 1970 Topps rookie card is in most cases selling for less than $10 (and rookie cards are usually hot commodities). A time-warped O.J. Dingo Leather Boot ad is going for $9.99. The real bargain is the 1974 thriller The Towering Inferno, available on DVD for 99 cents. (O.J.’s performance wasn’t very convincing in that one, either.)

—Posted by David Gianatasio