And they called themselves Tenacious D

I have the so-called Tenacious D—The Complete Master Works, the double DVD that includes the handful of short films that Jack Black and Kyle Gass did for HBO, along with a live concert from London and a smattering of other crap—divided into stuff “for regular fans” and “for psycho fans.” Now, the acoustic-metal rock duo have their own movie, Tenacious D in “The Pick of Destiny.” The Web site include episodes of something called The Hell O’Clock News (hosted by the devil, although here he’s played by someone other than Dave Grohl, who did a good antichrist in the D’s “Tribute” video). The movie’s plot seems to involve the search for some sort of magical, monstrous-looking guitar pick. But of course it’ll mostly be about the D and how great they are. And with Ronnie James Dio playing himself, how bad can it be?

—Posted by Tim Nudd