And American women don’t get thin

Mirelle Guiliano,CEO of Clicquot—the French champagne company, has penned a book on how to lose weight—the French way. Called French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure, it outlines how to eat what you want, in moderation, and lose weight.  I thought the idea sounded familiar, and a quick Amazon search reminded me of The Fat Fallacy: The French Diet Secret to Permanent Weight Loss, which came out in 2003. Both confront the seeming paradox that the French eat cheese and drink wine and remain slender, whereas I eat one errant Cheeto and gain 5 pounds. Both insist that moderation is the key, enjoying your food is important, blah blah blah. As one huffy Amazon reviewer noted:

"Do you ever notice that RICH or WEALTHY women always look good?? I think it is because they have the money to go to gyms, salons, or whatever. … The book is great. It just isn’t logical for ALOT of females in America." Amen, lady!

And while I have nothing against eating great, rich French food—and am also a fan of several of the books recommended along with this one on Amazon, including The Martini Diet: The Self-Indulgent Way to a Thinner, More Fabulous You! and Wear More Cashmere: 151 Luxurious Ways to  Pamper Your Inner Princessit does bring to mind the most famous case of wine and cheese indulgence: Holofernes, who was slain by Judith after he fell asleep from the food, according to Jewish legend. So read this new book at your own risk!

—Posted by Mae Anderson

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