‘American Dad’ asks: ‘Do you have the hottest dad in America?’

Does anyone else find this more than a little creepy? To usher in the new release of American Dad volume one DVD tomorrow, Fox Home Entertainment is asking people to nominate their fathers as “hot dads.” “Think your dad is sizzlin’ HOT enough to be America’s Hottest Dad?” the press release reads. I prefer to use the words “handsome” or “distinguished” when referring to my father’s looks. “Hot”? No. Let’s hope the entries are actually being submitted by wives or girlfriends. And from the looks of the entries so far, there’s still room for competition. Check out the guy in the Santa hat dancing in front of a Christmas tree. If thinking of your own family members as hot doesn’t strike your fancy, you could always play the American Dad vs. Family Guy advergame, also developed for the American Dad DVD launch.

—Posted by Celeste Ward