Altoids Sours decides that deviant sexual themes is the way to go

If you like the idea of a ’70s-looking guy with tiny pieces of fruit hanging from his underwear grinding his crotch in your face, then you’ll enjoy this commercial for Altoids Sours. Two other spots are driven by themes of sadomasochism and transvestism. Perhaps this is to take the focus off the product. We’re still getting comments to an item we posted more than a year ago about Altoids Sour gum. Here’s a recent one: “i chewed the sour altoid chewing gum yesterday for the first time. i chewed approximately 8 pieces of it. Anyway, my teeth have not felt the same since. I have an emergency apt. with my dentist because my teeth are in so much pain. I think there are chemicals in the gum that rotted my teeth. i’ve eaten sour candies before and have eaten and chewed so much gum and candy throughout my life and i’ve never EVER experienced this painful sensation before. All this company cares about is money/dollarsigns and not limiting the chemicals they use in their products.” Approach Altoids Sours products with caution.

—Posted by Tim Nudd