ALS Canada’s ads just as unsettling in print

Lowe Roche in Toronto and the ALS Society of Canada crafted one of the more emotionally wrenching TV spots of 2008: this one, with the children's song "Head and Shoulders" and the father who is inexorably ravaged over time by the disease. Now, Lowe extends the campaign to print. See three full ads here. They show ALS sufferers with disintegrating chalk maze outlines superimposed on them, stretching from the head down one of their limbs—a simple, arresting and disquieting way to illustrate ALS's slow-motion destruction of the motor neurons that allow the brain to control the body. "One by one," reads the copy, "your muscles become paralyzed, making it impossible to walk, talk, eat, and eventually, breathe. Please, help us find a cure. Visit to donate."

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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