Alfa Romeo Responded to This Forlorn Fan With One of the Best Personalized Tweets Ever

Poetically mourning a missed connection

A lot of brands try for a personalized, poignant touch with their social media fans, but few have ever pulled it off this well.

When Daniel Hancox of England's Burton upon Trent tried to buy an Alfa Romeo Giulietta, he arrived at the dealership to find someone else had snatched up the car he had his eye on. Clearly heartbroken, he wrote a poem about the missed connection and sent it to Alfa Romeo UK on Twitter:

The brand's response did not disappoint. Check out the follow-up poem:

From there, things seemed to be progressing nicely:

I followed up with Hancox, who says he's still hopeful that a long-term relationship is in the cards:

Hat tip to Aneta Hall at Wells Fargo, via LinkedIn.