Albert Brooks mad at Mad Ave.

Albertbrooks1Hey Madison Avenue, Albert Brooks thinks you’ve ruined the Baby Boom for everyone. As a guest essayist in this week’s Newsweek (which features a cover about Boomers turning 60), Brooks (who played an ad executive in Lost in America and Defending Your Life) says “According to [Madison Avenue], we started out changing the world, and now we’re more concerned about our retirement plan.” (And guess what ad appeared at the top of the page when we were looking up the Newsweek link? The one for Fidelity retirement plans starring Paul McCartney.) He also takes on his generation’s lust for plastic surgery and points out that The System won because “The System is patient". But a good portion of the actor/director/comedian’s piece is dedicated to a Kaiser Permanente spot that uses Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are a Changin’” (which he thinks would be better used for Depends), “Since you can’t take it with you, Kaiser Permanente wants it,” he writes. It’s notable, of course, that he doesn’t say anything about the troubadour appearing in a Victoria’s Secret spot a few years ago.

—Posted by Aaron Baar