Airline Lets You Pick a Seatmate by Looking Through Facebook

Who thought this was a good idea?

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is allowing people to look through the Facebook and LinkedIn profiles of their fellow passengers to see who they'd like to sit next to. Fortunately, you have to opt into the program to give people a peek into your profile, so you won't automatically show up on some stranger's mobile, and you won't have to change your relationship status to "Seriously, I'm not interested." Newspapers are picking up on the potential for in-flight dating and mile-high shenanigans, but let's get real: It's going to be a total sausage fest. What's that? People might use it to network? I'll believe that when they manage to make decent airline food. But next time I travel KLM, I might opt in anyway. After I change my profile picture to a baby vomiting on a dog, that is. What's way better than getting to pick your seatmate? Sitting alone.