Air Force defends (but pulls) Super Bowl ad

On Tuesday, one of the year's most obscure Super Bowl ads got a massive burst of attention when the White Stripes accused the U.S. Air Force Reserve of lifting one of their songs without permission. If you were curious to watch the spot for yourself, you were probably out of luck. The Reserve quickly pulled the regional ad from its Web site, despite its claim that the soundtrack was totally not a redux of "Fell In Love With a Girl" but was actually "original music" commissioned by Blaine Warren Advertising. The spot is posted above. In my opinion, the song is a pretty clear knock-off, though I doubt the White Stripes will push the issue much further now that they've publicly shamed the Air Force Reserve (and sent millions of visitors to in the hope of watching an ad that would otherwise have gone unnoticed). Besides, it might be the Who's turn now to accuse the Air Force of stealing a song.

—Posted by David Griner