AI fans in consternation over Constantine

It would not be America if every unanticipated outcome didn’t come with a conspiracy theory. Fans of the dishy American Idol contestant Constantine Maroulis, in addition to weeping, have commenced the blaming stage of their grief over his departure from the show last Wednesday.  Whose fault is it? Some say it’s those ingrates at, who are pushing the show’s dark horse, the portly and in all other ways less attractive Scott Savol. The site, started in 2003, was created because its founders accuse the American Idol producers of choosing one contestant and “pimping” him/her to the helpless viewing public, creating a show that is tension-free and boring. “So, here at, we have a solution. Help us by voting for the worst that American Idol has to offer. That’s right, vote for the bad contestants. Everyone knows that the best and most interesting part of the show are the bad auditions. Record numbers of people tune in to see who will become the next William Hung, but why let it stop there?” Well, they may have taken out Constantine, but fellow long-hair, Southern rocker Bo Bice (aka Harold Bice Jr.) looks like he may put up a fight. At any rate, if he should be booted off, his female fans will scratch the producers to death.

—Posted by Celeste Ward

Photo credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX