Agency’s Pizza Stunt Gets Stomach-Turning Case-Study Video

BETC delivers themed pies for French TV station

Pizza is geek bait, says BETC Euro RSCG. Bait for what? For the French TV channel MCM's new programming lineup. How so? The agency teamed with a pizza maker to make show-themed pizzas: "Mangas, monster-trucks shows, wrestling, sexy girls and zombie movies," says the agency. What are the toppings on Car Wash Girls pizza? "Hot spicy sauce and white cream." That's kind of off-putting, you say. Of course it is. It's part of a case-study video for an ad campaign. These things are supposed to be off-putting (or at least, often become unintentionally so). The sample geek in the clip, probably played by an ad guy, even pretend-jerks off for the camera. So what, you say? Case studies are all about ad guys jerking off. True. Still, the zombie meat grinder at the end is pretty great.