Agency Creates Greatest Ad for an Executive Assistant in History of Executive Assistants

Ready to work for Rich Silverstein?

Rich Silverstein is apparently not an easy boss to have. The notoriously demanding co-founder of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco is looking for a new executive assistant, as his current assistant is leaving. And judging by the Craiglist help-wanted ad, and the crazy-fun accompanying website, you should almost certainly NOT apply for this job. Here's how the Craigslist ad starts out:

Have you ever looked greatness in the eyes—and cried because it was so damn beautiful it hurt your feelings?

     If not, you should really get to know Rich Silverstein.

     Rich has been inducted into halls of fame—yes, plural. His achievements read like a novel, albeit one written by Stephen King.

     You've probably heard stories. And they're every bit as true as they are misleading. He is tough and expects greatness. But he holds himself to the same impossible standards.

     The success he's had is the stuff of Mad Men. And the stuff of madmen.

     Rich Silverstein answers to nobody. And that nobody could be you.

Then there's a list of prerequisites for the job (one of them is that you must not be "an agency spy. Or ever have written for AgencySpy"), along with a link to

That's where things get truly cray cray, as the application process turns out to be a series of ludicrous Web challenges, including transcribing a fast talker's gibberish and memorizing a set of names in just two seconds.

You have until Sept. 6 to get past that step in the process, and then "Rich will handpick his favorites and invite them to the Google Hangout of the century." That should be a doozy.

Yes, that's right, you enjoy your current job just fine, thank you.

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