After Losing Family Bet, Man and Son-in-Law Pose as Impotent Gay Men on Billboard

What kind of bet was this?

If you've ever driven past a weird billboard and wondered if it was the result of someone losing a bet, well, there is now precedent for that assumption. A billboard in Buffalo, N.Y., features local developer William Huntress standing with his arm around his son-in-law, Omar Abu-Sitta. The headline is: "Don't let erectile dysfunction affect your love life!" And yes, it turns out Bill and Omar lost some kind of family bet—possibly to Huntress's son—and agreed to pose for the ad, which stayed up for a week (so to speak). I don't want to know what kind of family bet leads to a prominent businessman letting people think he's in a May-December romance, plagued by performance issues, with his daughter's husband. Huntress, for his part, is keeping the matter private. But I wouldn't mind being a fly on the wall for their next Thanksgiving dinner if that's a typical interaction for these people.