Adweek Podcast: The Art of Storytelling Through the Lens of Youth Culture

From Marshmello to Mercedes-Benz, MGX Creative is building a portfolio unlike any other creative agency

Leaders from Glossier, Shopify, Mastercard and more will take the stage at Brandweek to share what strategies set them apart and how they incorporate the most valued emerging trends. Register to join us this September 23–26 in Phoenix, Arizona.

On this week’s episode of Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad, community editor Luz Corona and Europe brand editor Rebecca Stewart welcome Karam Gill and Daniel Malikyar, co-founders of L.A.-based creative agency and production company MGX Creative.

Featured on Complex as “the industry’s top music doc guys,” Gill and Malikyar have gained notoriety for their award-winning work in both filmmaking and branded content that took off while they were still attending college.

The team chats with the first-gen creatives about breaking into the industry while still in their early 20s, creating impactful content for major streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Hulu, and the lessons learned along the way.