Advertising Is Mostly Alien Mind Control, Says New Movie

Beware QR codes in particular!

For whatever reason, sci-fi movies have found fertile ground in preying on society's irrational, deep-seated fear of the advertising profession. The upcoming movie Branded (trailer posted below), out Sept. 7, appears to be no different. For decades, movies have been letting you know that advertisements are controlling you, that they've gone too far, that they're in your head, and this time the people behind it appear to be … wait for it … ALIENS. Who have an absurd fondness for QR codes. It looks like They Live or a feature-length Hulu commercial combined with billboard transformers. So, the question is, how do you advertise a film about how advertising is bad? Apparently, the answer is allowing people to make white T-shirts with whatever QR codes they want on them. Not surprising, given that we fear that which we do not understand—and boy, do these people not understand advertising.