Advertising Eats Itself With First Industry Award Show Honoring Awards

Enter the Awardees today!

There are plenty of award shows in advertising, but none devoted to the craft of making the award statuettes themselves. Until now.

Check out the Awardees. From the website:

Some of society's most talented and valuable individuals work in the advertising and design industry. They are regularly—and rightly—showered with accolades. But the quality of those awards can vary dramatically. From one-of-a-kind gold-plated sculptures to shabby laser-printed certificates.

In an effort to push and inspire the makers of these awards to elevate their craft, we are launching The Awardees.

Yes, despite the impressive panel of judges, the Awardees are almost certainly fake. The first Awardees ceremony is scheduled for Advertising Week in New York in October—where, if not before, the reason for the ruse will be revealed.

Via Disco Chicken.

UPDATE: Ad agency Nail Communication takes credit for the hoax.