Advertising Awards Show Lets Angry Losers Physically Abuse the Winning Work

TV spots crapped on by chickens

Envy is perhaps the strongest emotion in the ad business, no more so than at awards shows. Now, one advertising awards show has gone to ludicrous lengths to help its bitter non-winners get a modicum of revenge against the winners.

After its most recent show was over, the Kiev International Advertising Festival built special rooms designed to let the losers physically abuse the winning work through a Web interface. One room featured a TV on the floor and a bunch of live chickens walking around—you could pick the winning spot you hated the most and have it play on the sceen, and watch the chickens crap on it. (Fake chickens with more regular defecations were installed for maximum messiness.) Another room allowed you to pick winning print ads and see them shredded before your eyes.

Childish? Certainly. Satisfying? Possibly. See more of the rooms in the video below.


Client: Kiev International Advertising Festival

Agency: Banda Agency

Creative Director: Pavel Klubnikin

Art Directors: Egor Petrov, Maksim Nazarov

Copywriters: Yaroslav Serdiuk, Anna Kascheeva

Digital Director: Oleg Pashkovsky

Account Director: Anna Olkhovets

Digital Production: ISD

Production: 23/32

Executive Producer: Sasha Chernyavsky

Producer: Taya Holy

Director: Eugeniy Gozheyshiy

Director of Photography: Dmitry Nedrya

Postproduction: Cinnamon VFX

Superviser: Alex Prihodko

Visual Effects Designer: Denis Reva

Editor: Alexander Chorny

Colorist: Artem Stretovych