Ads From Deep YouTube: Undead Celebs, Guys Who Snort Their Own Facial Hair and More

The latest weirdest ads from around the world

Rugby-playing flight attendents. Celebrities you thought were dead. Money-conscious fake Muppets. Men who snort the hair off their face. Eating ice cream off shoes. All totally normal, right?

Welp, if this all sounds like an average day in your world, please email me personally, as I'll have what you're having. If not, our latest collection of ads from Deep YouTube below might satisfy your craving for weird.

Without further ado—sit back, relax and relish your sanity.


• Tupac, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Bruce Lee, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe walk into a bar. (The Netherlands)


• I think I just discovered my all-time favorite recurring characters in advertising. (France) 


• You don't need to shave when your snacks smell delicious. (Japan)


I was following the narrative until the ice-cream-on-the-shoe part. (South Korea)

• I didn't realize Sid & Marty Krofft where making ads now (they're not). Terrifying. (Australia)


• Thanks, Cathay Pacific, for the nightmares featuring rugby-playing flight attendants. (Hong Kong)