Ads in coroner’s race become a bit ghoulish

A coroner selling body parts? Anything goes in New Orleans, so I wouldn't be surprised. This outrageous political spot, backing Dwight McKenna for Orleans Parish coroner, paints 36-year incumbent Frank Minyard as Dr. Frankenstein, and refers to a 1990s lawsuit that accused Minyard of shipped bones and corneas to transplant centers without permission. Minyard was dropped from the suit, and his office denies selling body parts. Since this is politics, it figures McKenna has a rap sheet of his own: a 1992 conviction for tax evasion. At least he didn't sell body parts. As far as we know. Martha Coakley should've tried this tactic against Scott Brown. No way was he born with such a pretty face. He's a Republican!

—Posted by David Gianatasio