Adman wins solar account, won’t eat shorts

So, this is what it takes to win new business nowadays. Back in March, Ted Page of Captains of Industry vowed to eat his shorts on camera if the Boston agency didn't win a solar-energy account by year's end. Well, he's off the hook! Alteris Renewables—a predictably low spender, with $75,000 in measured media spending in the past 18 months, per Nielsen—has come aboard. In the goofy video above, Ted barbecues his shorts and is about to devour them when Alteris calls. The client says: "You have to respect the level of passion for renewable energy that goes into a public commitment to eat your shorts on camera. It was very creative." Maybe Ted's onto something. Now that Volkswagen is out the door, Alex Bogusky should volunteer to eat his shorts if an automaker doesn't sign on by Dec. 31. GM would probably likewise construe the gesture as "very creative"—judging from that Ed Whitacre spot, they're not too tough to impress—and let Crispin Porter steer the next round of brand "Reinvention."

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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