Adman Sends Holiday Cards From Beyond the Grave

Bob McCully, who died in August, continues his tradition

Some folks say the holiday spirit is dead. And in the case of Bob McCully, a former ad executive at Ketchum in Pittsburgh who died in August at age 88, they've got a point. Every year McCully was known for sending humorous Christmas cards en masse. And this year, despite expectations to the contrary, was no different. Last week, 400 people received season's greetings from the deceased that began, "Please don't call. I've moved to a quiet neighborhood." The cemetery tombstone he now shares with his wife was shown inside the card, along with the message's conclusion: "My new place doesn't have a phone, and our gates close after dark." Talk about a dead letter. Ha ha ha! Or in this case: Ho ho ho! McCully's cards are a tad macabre perhaps, but I'll be lucky to get any good tidings from my Scrooge colleagues here at AdFreak. And they're among the living. (Most of them, anyway.) Photo by bazylek100.