Adidas nerds out with ‘Star Wars’ collection

Adidas is tapping into the nerd market with a line of Star Wars-inspired sneakers and apparel, kicked off by this ad, in which celebrities (including David Beckham, Snoop Dogg and Daft Punk) and suspiciously attractive young people breakdance and play stickball in a weird red mist. I dare anyone in this ad to wear one of those Darth Vader cape/jacket tragedies in public. (It's all well and good in the commercial, when no one—including the viewer—can see anything.) According to The Frisky, not everything in this line is a wolf shirt in the making. Darth Vader's tough, all-black sneakers are pretty cool, and I can see people wearing Yoda walking slippers as house shoes. Still, I won't be satisfied until I own a Jabba the Hutt beanbag chair.

—Posted by David Kiefaber