AdFreak eats a lot, sleeps through holidays

We’re powering down for the holidays, so no new posts until the New Year as we alternately party and sleep our way through the next week. Personally, I’ll be off a little longer, as I’m traveling until Jan. 12 and will be pretty much incommunicado. In the meantime, Cathy Taylor and the rest of the crew will take you through the first two weeks of 2007. Send tips to Cathy using the usual e-mail link to the right. (Also, in case you missed it earlier this month, we’ve reposted our little 2006 year-end roundup below.) Have a great week, and enjoy New Year’s. UPDATE: For anyone who pays attention to the dates of our postings, we had to repost several items that originally appeared on Dec. 21, including this one, because they somehow disappeared from the home page of the site between Christmas and New Year’s. Guess those posts figured that if everyone in advertising disappears during that time, they should too.

—Posted by Tim Nudd