Ad space for sale over this guy’s dead body

More weird crap on eBay—this time, it’s ad space on a corpse. It’s just a publicity stunt, of course, but the description is actually somewhat humorous: “You are bidding for the sole right to advertise on my corpse … as soon as my corpse is discovered and otherwise legally available to you. … I probably won’t die soon but my risky behaviors include snowboarding (still highly unskilled), motor scootering (several wipeouts resulting in nasty road rash), bicycling (rode into a telephone pole once on stepmom’s bike 11 yrs ago, please don’t tell her), running (been hit twice already, different drivers), avid climber of things (fell backwards out of barn, stranded on Pike’s Peak), and I have aspirations of base jumping, bungee jumping, running with the bulls in Spain and mixing coke with Pop Rocks.” There’s a bid of $1,000 up—no doubt planted.

—Posted by Tim Nudd