Ad School Grads Crack Up Conductors on NYC Subway

Little-known 'pointing' rule put to good use

Halfway down each subway platform in New York City hangs a black-and-white striped sign. Before opening the train doors, a conductor is required to point at the sign to acknowledge (for safety reasons) that the train has fully arrived in the station.

Rose Sacktor and Yosef Lerner, roommates and a former art director/copywriter duo at Miami Ad School, decided to use this little-known gesture as a way to acknowledge and even entertain the conductors who work so hard to shuttle NYC commuters around each day. 

"Conductors spend their whole day in that small booth, alone. It is incredibly loud, and they get minimal human contact. We decided to show our appreciation for their work."

The project—which was just for fun, not work-related—involved creating fun signs and holding them underneath the black-and-white boards, knowing conductors would definitely see them. Here were a few of the messages:

"Point here if you are dead sexy."

"Point here if you've seen a passenger naked."

"Point here if Snape kills Dumbledore."

As you can see in their video below, the odd outing made several conductors crack a rare smile. "I would say definitely the majority were smiling," Sacktor tells AdFreak. "Some started talking to me. Others tried to keep their distance, but smiled and laughed. Some even asked how we knew about the pointing rule."

Sacktor is currently an intern at Barton F. Graf 9000, and Lerner is a creative director at Distractify, which he describes as "an entertainment website for Internet addicts."

Try watching this video without smiling. I promise it will melt your cold, hard heart. Via Gawker.