Is ad clutter on sports radio getting worse?

In The New York Times this morning, sports media and business reporter Richard Samdomir bemoans the incessant commercial interruptions of baseball broadcasts, particularly on the radio. And not just in between innings. “The raft of commercial intrusions into the flow of a game is not new. It is simply getting worse,” he writes. “A few friends implored me to listen to a full Yankee game to hear for myself, and I said, ‘Will you pay for my post-[John] Sterling traumatic stress rehab?’ But it’s not just a Yankee radio clutter issue. In-game commercials clutter sports radio and the TV screens, particularly with advertiser-sponsored features, graphics and statistics.” Some examples: A “15 minutes can save you 15 percent” message from Geico after a game’s 15th out. The Time Warner Triple Play contest. The Yankee Power Report, brought to you by the Indiana Point Energy Center. I’ve never been bothered by this crap. It lasts a matter of seconds, and goes in one ear and out the other. To me, advertisers’ TV graphics are more annoying (the AOL running man, for example, who throws a pitch or swings a bat every 10 minutes on Fox broadcasts). What do you think?

—Posted by Tim Nudd