Ad campaigns doing battle over Sasquatch

What little dignity Sasquatch had left was largely squashed by Jack Link’s beef jerky’s Messin’ With Sasquatch campaign. Now, the task of taking Sasquatch seriously falls to the 33 avid members of an admittedly nerdy-sounding group called the Western Canadian Sasquatch Research Organization. The group is preparing a “newspaper advertising blitz” this summer to reassure people who come forward with Sasquatch sightings that they will not receive wedgies and/or swirlies from the bullying unbelievers. Says WCSRO stalwart Brian Baillie: “We’ve got hidden cameras that we set up in trees and all over the place. … We’ve got lots of pictures of deer and things like that.” The group gets its share of unusual reports and even more unusual requests. One woman called “looking for love,” Baillie says. “She was looking for a Sasquatch because she wanted to mate. We never got back to her.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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