Ad Agency Is Obscenely Excited About 1 World Trade Center

Carrot Creative photo blog tracks construction

There's no denying that the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks is a somber occasion, but it's also a time to take pride in America, which is why you have to appreciate the enthusiasm behind Carrot Creative's photo blog, "Fuck Yeah Freedom Tower." Lovably irreverent, the Tumblr site is simply a collection of photos of 1 World Trade Center as it is gradually constructed outside the agency's window. It's an approach that some of the agency's clients, like Burton, MTV, and The Onion, might applaud, though I can’t see Crayola and Disney quite getting on board with the title. "We get a unique chance to sit back and watch the 1 World Trade Center triumphantly rise above the New York City skyline that we're excited to share with the world," the Carrot staff write on the photo blog. Definitely can't deny that their excitement is palpable. What do you think? Is this agency side project too crass for its own good, or a much-needed jolt of levity and optimism?

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