Absolut, Red Sox getting ready for October


Just in time for Major League Baseball’s postseason, Absolut is breaking an ad that shows a Red Sox fan moving into left field at Fenway Park. It’s part of the vodka’s "In an Absolut world" campaign, and for Yankees fans everywhere (and me personally), it’s the sorry end to a sad season. Not only will my beloved Pinstripes almost certainly miss the playoffs for the first time since Robinson Cano was in grade school, but I never got a callback in my quest to portray Sox mascot Wally. (I can root for one team and get paid by another—what’s so wrong with that? Pete Rose did it!) Even worse, before the season began, I maligned ad campaigns from the Blue Jays, Twins and Rangers and talked up the Yanks on AdFreak. Now I’ve got to eat crow—and I dislike crow, unless it’s seasoned just right and served with fava beans. OK, fine… chomp, chomp! I’m eating crow now! … Ughhh, this tastes awful!

—Posted by David Gianatasio