A Ballpark’s ‘Millennial Night,’ Offering Participation Ribbons and Naps, Prods a Generational Rift

Management welcomes complaints, but only IRL

The event has (probably as intended) sparked quite a bit of backlash online. Montgomery Biscuits
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Given that millennials now range in age from early 20s to late 30s—a grouping we traditionally just call “adults”—it’s always a bit odd and potentially incendiary when you hear the generation painted with a broad, condescending brush.

But a minor league baseball team in Montgomery, Alabama, seems to have stepped into that hornet’s nest quite intentionally with its upcoming “Millennial Night.” A tweet about the event, hosted by the Montgomery Biscuits, says it’s the perfect outing for people who like “free things without doing much work.”

The tweet promises participation ribbons, selfie stations and napping areas (which admittedly hits close to home this week with the debut of Casper’s NYC nap store, The Dreamery).

The tweet was quickly followed up with another noting that if you’re offended by the event, you can complain, but only in person—presumably a jab at the notion of social media “slacktivism.”

(True to its word, the team has not returned messages left by AdFreak asking about the event and the backlash it has sparked. I actually live just two hours north of the stadium, so I could theoretically head over there, but that’s sooo farrrr and I have a kombucha-making class at 7. I’ll try them on Insta.)

UPDATE: We heard back, and you can read our interview with one of the team’s managers here. In short, he says it was meant to be a sarcastic play on stereotypes, but he admits that wink might have gotten lost along the way.

Many young professionals, who aren’t exactly ecstatic about the state of the world being left to them by their parents and grandparents, fired back at the team’s generational mockery.

Luckily for the team, not all the feedback has been negative. Pretty much everyone seems to agree that nap stations would make a perfect addition to baseball.

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